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TFB Diagnostic Systems AG
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The accelerated carbonation reactor, developed by TFB Diagnostics Systems Ltd., allows for the assessment of products for the protection and repair of concrete structures according to the EN 13295 and tests according to CEN/TS 12390-12:2010 can be performed. Furthermore it gives a simple and precise determination of the carbonation resistance of mortar or concrete mixes according to the Swiss standard SIA 262/1, Annex I (CO2: 4.0 ± 0.1%).

  • Height 229 cm / width 80 cm / depth 61 cm
  • Each board holds 50 kg und can be pulled out
  • Capacity up to 28 prisms (120x120x400mm)
  • Can be used not only for testing, but also for pre-treatment / preconditioning of samples
  • Stable CO2 and moisture conditions
  • Flexible adjustment of storage conditions:
  • CO2: 0.2 – 10% / 2’000 – 10’000 ppm and (
  • RH: 40 – 90%
  • Alarm function for CO2
  • Data acquisition and logging
  • Real time online-data access via browser
  • Upgradable for further reactor units (no further data-logging device necessary)

TFB Diagnostic Systems AG

Lindenstrasse 10
CH-5103 Wildegg
Tel: +41 62 887 71 75


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