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about us

about us

TFB Diagnostic Systems AG was founded in 2014 from the former Corsensys AG. It develops, produces and sells systems for testing and monitoring building materials and structures. For its systems, it takes care of data acquisition, data processing and evaluation.

TFB Diagnostic Systems AG is managed by Dr. Yves Schiegg and Fernand Deillon. In addition, the competent TFB consulting team is at your disposal for all questions concerning durability testing and monitoring.

TFB Diagnostic Systems AG offers the following products:

The carbonator is a device for testing the resistance to carbonation in accordance with standard SIA 262/1 Annex I. This durability test is required by certified concrete plants which sell concrete conforming to the standard for applications with exposure class XC4 according to SN EN 206-1.

Monitoring of concrete structures
Durability-Monitoring of concrete structures is carried out by means of built-in sensors and the new IOT data acquisition system DS-Log4.0 with LoRa-communication.

The electrochemical pen is a development of the SGK for quality assurance of welding seams on stainless steels and general electrochemical tests in the laboratory.

Annex B of standard SIA 262/1 describes the test to determine the chloride resistance in concrete (migration test). For this purpose, TFB AG developed a special test cell with which this important durability test can be carried out in a relatively simple manner.

Plastic frames for frost and de-icing salt tests
A special plastic frame for the application of the salt solution to the concrete surface was developed for testing the resistance to freeze-thaw de-icing salt in accordance with standard SIA 262/1 Annex A. The frame is made of a special plastic material. It is a disposable product, i.e. cubes and frames are usually disposed of after the test.

TFB Diagnostic Systems AG

Lindenstrasse 10
5103 Wildegg
Tel: 062 887 71 75

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