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Logger and communication

Logger and communication

The new IoT data logger DS-Log4.0 for monitoring applications contains a LoRa radio module for wireless data transmission to the Internet. LoRa is the preferred radio protocol for IoT devices. Designed for low energy consumption, LoRa operates in a license-free frequency band (EU: 868 MHz, US: 915 MHz) with good building and civil structure penetration. Typical transmission distances range from 2 km (urban), 15 km (agglomeration) to 40 km (rural, line-of-sight). Compared to the usual wireless protocols such as Wifi or Bluetooth, significantly greater ranges are achieved and this with considerably lower power consumption than with the 3G / 4G mobile radio network.

The DS-Log4.0 can be used both in the field (infrastructure buildings) and in the laboratory. Combined with the various structure-sensors from TFB Diagnostic Systems AG, the system offers an ideal solution for long-term monitoring in concrete structures (bridges, tunnels, etc.). Further applications are temperature monitoring (e.g. heat generation in new concrete structures), deformation measurements (potentiometric sensors), climate or water pressure measurements.

By means of the connected sensors on the data logger, the following quantities can be measured, for example:

  • Temperature (air or concrete)
  • Relative Humidity
  • air pressure
  • CO2 content or other gases

The following durability parameters can be measured in the component itself:

  • Steel loss of corroding reinforcement (corrosion current)
  • Corrosion potential of the reinforcement
  • concrete temperature
  • Concrete moisture (impedance)
  • Condensation of steel parts (Time of Wetness TOW)

The DS-Log4.0 contains the following layout:

Parameter Range Int. resistance
Corrosion potential -1 … +1 VDC 100 MOhm
Corrosion current -1000 … +1000µA ≈ 0 Ohm
(TC, Pt100, Pt1000)
-50 … +250 °C --
Impedance (@1kHz) 1 Ω … 1 MΩ --
Voltage (universal) 0 … +45 VDC 280 kOhm
Current (universal) 0 … +100 mA 1 Ohm

8 independent channels are available for each parameter. All 48 inputs can be recorded simultaneously. A 3.3 V output for powering active sensors is also available.

During recording, the device stores the data with a timestamp on an internal SD card and sends it simultaneously to the Internet cloud. This means that the measured values are available anytime and anywhere via a browser (e.g. Internet Explorer). The measuring interval can be freely selected between 1 and 9999 minutes. The device also contains a Bluetooth LE module for reading the data and configuration. The data logger is designed for a temperature range between -20 and 50 °C and comes with a waterproof housing (IP67). The battery life reaches typically 3 to 5 years.

DS-Log4.0 on a bridge girder
DS-Log4.0 on a bridge girder

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